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Specialized in game development.


Focuses on both game development and operations.


Concentrated on game development.


Dedicated to expanding worldwide game business.


Paths for Professional Growth
01 For Experts

Aimed at skill enhancement, this path conducts bi-annual promotion reviews. Employees are encouraged to showcase their qualifications for promotion through in-depth presentations. Promotion decisions are made either by the direct supervisor or a promotion committee.

02 For Managers

This path is tailored for leadership development. There are two avenues for promotion - displaying remarkable skills or exceptional performance. Subsequently, supervisors may nominate employees for advancement based on thorough assessments. This transparent process ensures an equitable platform for all to prove their mettle.

Training Programs
01 For Newcomers

Our dynamic training program welcomes newcomers, be it fresh graduates or experienced hires. Through engaging, diverse, and systematic courses, coupled with a rich repository for self-learning, we ensure everyone at G-Bits starts their journey with momentum!

02 For Experts

We harness the expertise within! Our esteemed veterans and specialists across disciplines act as internal mentors, enriching our knowledge pool and sharing vital skills encompassing planning, art, programming, testing, marketing, product development, and career growth. This initiative affords direct mentorship from industry leaders to address your queries.

03 For Managers

G-Bits offers specialized management training for game producers, supervisors, and operations managers, crafted to enhance self-insight, leadership finesse, and managerial prowess. Managers are set to flourish through a combination of structured courses, case analyses, seminars, and insight-sharing!

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